Thursday, September 25

Pugad: Filipino Band Sugarfree Features Filipino Humor Hit Comics "Pugad Baboy"

One of the leading contemporary Filipino Band Sugarfree has done another hit again, and now by featuring one of the Philippines best humor comics Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina, Jr.


See the Video and jive with the song of Sugarfree.

Youtube Videolink:

Wikipedia Information on Sugarfree:

Pugad Baboy Comics Wikipedia:

Pugad Baboy characters
Pugad Baboy Official Website

SugarFree's Emi Official Site


  1. Whoa... what a coincidence... I am currently trying to research about this band for my finals, LOL. xD;

    Grabe, ang title ng kanta ulit? Seems so familiar. :D

    And this must be the second time we see some Pugad Baboy characters to life. The first time I saw them was that latest Quake commercial. Sana 3D din ang ginamit para sa music video na to, hehe. xD

    And yey for Pugad Baboy. :]

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