Monday, August 18

FACEYOURMANGA: See your face "manga"-nized

AS I browsed the net and my other social networking page I saw a link of a site to some of my networks there. The site is called FACE YOUR MANGA. The website is in flash so you better have the latest flash plug in. The theme of the site is to design to "what you think" how you will look like in manga (Japanese comics) or anime.

Some snapshots of the Site:


FACEYOURMANGA'S Home Page and it is in Flash

FACEYOURMANGA's Create Your Avatar Page

FACEYOURMANGA's Create Your Avatar Page

Avatar Creation Process

The avatr creation page for men

The site offers a small free avatar to create but if you want to get more premium designs and layouts, of course you have to buy for one. A nice site to visit if you want to get your manga avatar.


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