Friday, July 11

Overhauled: CMAQUEST's New Look Soon!

As you have notice, I am no longer posting any new personal blogs here on "CMAQUEST" this is because CMAQUEST is undergoing a major overhaul. From a Personal and entertainment blog of Chris A., CMAQUEST will soon be an entertainment slash magazine slash pop culture blog. So, hope you will still support CMAQUEST with it's new look and content.

On relevant news, my personal posts can now be located on my new personal blog "Life on a Pencil", hope you, fellow Filipino and International Blogging friends can still support my new personal blog. I would really appreciate it if you link and we exchange links there, too. So hope you can visit and subscribe (wishful thinking) Life on a Pencil.

Well? where is the new blog located? It is located here @

See you guys there!

I had a balloon
It flew towards the sky
It vanished within my sight
For it already exploded

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