Thursday, July 24

Batman: Gotham Knight

Batman followers and enthusiast to the animation and movie will be delighted to once again hear the original voice actor of Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroyin the 1992 two-time award winning Batman The Animated Series in the 2008 movie Batman: Gotham Night.

Batman The Animated Series Logo BTAS
Batman The Animated Series(1992 - 1995)

First, here is a glimpse of the opening of the said series back in the 90s:

and here is movie trailer from the same makers who brought you Batman Begins and Batman Dark Knight... Batman: Gotham Night

Baman: Gotham Knight Gotham Knight

Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

Visit the Batman Gotham Dark Knight Official Site Here.

The Batman Write Ups: Batman: Villains to the Dark Knight

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