Wednesday, June 18

Urduja: First Filipino Full Length Animated Movie

It has been a dream of mine to see a Filipino made, produced, directed and everything Filipino animation movie or a series and this is slowly becoming a reality (well, I hope it will) with a new movie shown today here in Philippine theaters entitled "Urduja".

Here are two of the trailers for the movie shown in June 18, 2008:

"Urduja" movie theme song "Babae Ako" is sung by Asia's song bird Regine Velazquez.


  1. I guess you mean to say, "Urduja: First Filipino Full Length ANIMATION Movie"

    make it clear, baka bumangon si Lino Broca at echosin ka dahil di mo kasi kinonsider mga gawa niya as FULL LENGTH haha.

  2. anyhoo, there's no way i'm ging to watch just another Pocahontas flick with pure Pinoy touch. haha, naman! They should have drawn it in a not so Disney-ish way. Masyadong pambata haha.

    Hindi ba obvious na hindi ko gusto mga pinoy films haha

  3. lad: i totally agree with the Pocahontas comment :)

    tope: me work ka na ba?kasi ung isang company sa pinagtatrabahuan ni tatay naghahanap ng IT professional. makati-based ung job. kung ok syo, leave ka ng message sa blog ko o better yet text mo ko para matanong ko kay tatay ang details. ok? :)

  4. LAD> Hahaha what a way to support the Philippine Animation Industry... At least let's give them the praise for the effort, but animation and graphically speaking "Urduja" has a long way to go to go head to head with the Aerican and Japanese Animation Industry.

    Pebi> The same(statement as above) goes to you sis hahahaha. I will message you for I am aching to have a job.