Tuesday, June 10

Great US Series Available for Philippine TV

If you want to get out of the usual chain of the same old boring shows of the tyrant Philippine Giant Networks, well just browse your local channels to see more great shows.

2nd avenue



There are these three new stations.. well, not really new but has a new look and feel via incorporating US shows and series in their program lists. I am talking about SBN 21 a.k.a as "ETC"; RJTV29 now known as "2nd Avenue"; and finally RPN 9 with its popular shows from "C/S" - "Crime / Suspense".

These are the shows I am currently hooked up or watch every once in a while:

ETC: It's All Good

Lateshow with David Letterman - Love his interviews and humorous segments
America's Next Top Model - My brother is hooked in this contest so I have no choice but to simply adore models strut their cool stuff
Make Me A Super Model - also, Influenced by my brother.

2nd Avenue
- Well just browsed this, with bad reception and few exciting shows, well guess they have a long way to gp.

The Price is Right
Wheel of Fortune

- My favorite station as of the time being

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Heroes - 3rd season will be up on September. Can't wait...
X-Files - Reruns. The first Season was done. Hope they can show the second season.
La Femme Nikita - Reruns also. I am also hooked on this series every 1:00 - 2:00 am XD
Prison Break - Reruns of the first season of the hit Prison Breaking series.
Psych - A hyper observant teams up with a sniffer = wacky crime bustling duo.
Cold Case - There are no unfinished old cases they can't finish.
Burn Notice - Season one just ended hope to see the second season soon.
American Gladiator - All new with energy draining obstacles
Bones - ala CSI majoring on the Bones. Great series for David Boreanaz
New Amsterdam - Looks interesting, will soon watch this

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  1. ui tope!!!di ko matandaan kung under your name ako nagsign in sa dneero eh.actually, click lang ako ng click nung mga panahong yun kasi nababangag na naman ako.hehehe

    aun, mag take ako ng masters in international studies.para magmukang matalino..hehehe..

    kamusta naman ang job hunting mo? :)

  2. speaking of dneero, talaga bang totoo sya?tska panu ko iiinclude ang paypal ko sa dneero account?syempre bangag pa din akin ako diba?hahahaha!

  3. Totoo ang dneero.
    Try browsing your accounts, then account settings. Better check dneero regularly, the more surveys the faster you top up your account balance and soon it will be immediately be transfered to your paypal.

    May paypal ka na di ba?
    Verified na ba?

  4. oww i see..ok ok!!!thanks!!!

  5. speaking of etc and 2nd avenue..alam mo bang wala nyan sa tv namin?!nakakainis!!!!!!di ko tuloy mapanood ang tyra banks show at america's next top model..hmp!