Monday, June 23

FRANKly Speaking and FRANKly Devastating

The full force of the storm locally known here in the Philippines as "Frank" was experienced by the country yesterday. We were lucky here in DasmariƱas, Cavite for not experiencing any major floods (I don't know in some parts of Cavite though).

Our whole barangay was out of power because of an electrical problem in the town's main connection thus making our day very boring and dark. I simply slept the day away, I woke up around 8:30 in the evening with the glow of the candle the only main source of light in the house, ate m dinner and sit and reflected on my life hahahaha. Well after that pointless yet time wasting thinking I finally decided to call it a day and slept in our long chair. My bed is at the floor and becuase it is so freaking cold I decided to sleep on the long chair for additional warmth.

A Typical Storm Photo in Manila Bay Area

Energy came back at around 3:00 in the morning and that is the tie to charge up all the cellphones and the laptop to prepare if ever a power shortage occurs again and here I am now posting my aftermath "Frank" experience.

This is also my first aftermath storm blog post... and maybe not the last. Nothing beats storm "Rosing" (in the past, I think around the 1997 onwards) though... and hope a storm like that will not make an appearance again because our ro of almost literally flew off.


  1. Indeed he is...
    but no typhoon has beat the likes of the femme fatale ... "Rossing"

  2. hi chris, i already added your site to my linklist, thanks in advance

  3. --

    Thank god we did not have a brownout here in Tanza.


    Taga-Cavite ka din pala.


    elyens ar beri laki


  4. oh well, nagbrown out din samn and my cp charge during that time was only 7%!! hahahah. thank goodness nagkakuryente din agad. katakot lakas ng hangin. :/

    btw, just droppin by =)

  5. grabe talaga...even iloilo. the lola of my friend had to stay on the roof of their house for more than 16 hours sa iloilo. buti na lang may alzheimers siya, she cant remember sleeping on the roof! 70 na kaya.

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