Friday, June 27

Dine Out with Friends

June 25, 08 - Wednesday, I woke up around 10 in the morning (Yeah, I am a lazy bum hahaha) with father waking me up to serve the customers who wanted to load up their cellphones (we own a Cellphone Loading Station). So I lazily fixed my self and had my break... oh I didn't have my breakfast that time I don't know why. Father left home to attend his usual habbit of placing a bet on his calculated (he has no winning number) lottery number. I was left home to watch a couple of videos I rented at the video shop (Me am a big fan of movies!)... One is "Epic Movie" (a collaboration of movie blockbusters rolled into one comedy movie) and "Pleasureville" (hahaha it is a soft S.T. film hahaha ... raunchy mode XD).

After watching some of the movie which I have already watched the first few parts the other night, I decided to partially wash and set the white laundry clothes in orther to soften the dirt for the real excruciating wash day tomorrow (what the flock? Tomorrow, bet their gonna stink in the morning? hahahaha). Then after setting the whites aside I then did the same with the colored laundry clothes... and finally father arrived from making a lucky (not!) bet on the lottery and went to the telephone company branch at town to complain about our telephone's "big" problem, which is not able to receive calls... why you ask? Our home phone number can not be reach (now what the flock is that --- I kept on saying flock hehehe play safe mode XD). Father told me that the Service Agents will fixed the phones problem and they better hurry or else hahaha.

I then cooked instant noodles with eggs (I am a self-proclaimed instant noodle cook master hahaha), and that is what we ate for lunch. Then I took my shower to go to school to return mthe cd rom I borrowed months (yup! months, around February hahahaha) ago from the internet shop I used to work on which is also owned by our program adviser (talking about hitting two birds with one stone because I did my "On the Job Training" there and exploited and enjoyed the use of the internet connection hehehe).

After I dressed up (like a student) I took a transportation via the jeep to school and paid my fare of that of a "student" though I am already not (i graduated last April so I am not really a student anymore but being devious and clever, I dressed up like a college student and got the discount with the usual P 8.00 into P 6.50 fare wahahaha I am eviiiiiiil XD hahahaha). I went to the campus and saw my program adviser and told me that I look a little fatter than befor (hurray! I finally look fat, as you can notice I am almost flesh and bones XD). I then proceeded to the dean's office to check wether my graduation photos and diploma arrived and ready for the picking or not... and unluckily it is not yet available (what the %^^ *& is wrong with their motha#$% responsibilities, I had successfully paid all my tuitions and passed all my requirements then when I ask of the things I needed they told me that it hasn't arrived yet? Grrrrr *@#! $%$^@! FLOOOCCCCKKK!!!!)... okay after that frustrating and cursing moment hahaha I regained my jolly side and went to my friends place to take the scanner I lent my friend a few weeks ago.

I first dropped by the video shop to return the VCD because it's due today (only overnight) and commuted home to change clothes and call wether my healthy friend Dan is in the house (yeah! break it down... what the?) and father told me that my other friend Vin, who lives a block away from Dan arrived a few minutes after I went to school. Then I called Dan via the phone (yup! it can still make outgoing calls but it can not accept calls because our number is not reachable, freakin' fone service!) and confirmed if Al was there, and he said that the "bum" is at his house then I went their right after I change my pants into a jean shorts (the black slack pants was killing my waist, I think I really gained wait because previously the pants fits perfaectly on my waist but now... hell like tightening garter hehehe).

I went to Dan's place and found my friend Vin exploring the internet. He showed us a couple of videos from youtube including a "Banana Phone", a clip from "The Simpsons - What is a Gym" (pronounced by Homer as gaimm), and an American Idol clip of a contestant calling Simon a gay. Then Vin told us that he wanted to treat us to go see a movie (and of course that is music to our ears - me and Dan, or at least to mine that is hahaha). Of course we said yes and headed to the nearest mall hoping that "Narnia Prince Caspian" is still on the Mall's Cinema list but it is no longer shown in any of the four theaters so we just decided to dine the budget meant for the movies. We dined at the "Inihaw Express" ("Inihaw" in English is "Grilled") and talked about disgusting stuff while waiting for our food to cook (what a way to apetize our meal eh? hahaha). We dined with me and Vin having the same vinet which is grilled squid with herb stuffings inside (actually it's a "kangkong") and a pork barbecue with 2 extra rice (am I one monster eater or what?) while Dan (our "healthier" friend hehehe that is a safe word to put it) only ordered tamarind belly milk fish with no rice ("He is on a diet"~whispers). Then as we stood and ready to go home we saw our former high school teachers, Mrs. Pintes (4th year high Values Ed teacher) and Ms. Toledo (2nd year high Values Ed teacher). They went to the mall to buy some snacks and kitchen supplies and they happened to finish dining there themselves before both parties saw each other.We joined them and did a fun-filled chitchat a lot of reminiscing back, a lot of laughing and joking, and updates of what happened to our former clasmates and teachers. After that chitchat we then proceeded to the 1st floor (by the way the foodcourt is on the ground floor of the 2 story high mall... with the ground floor not included XD) and did another round of chitchat inside "Pizza Hut", my first time setting foot on the classy restaurant (as they say). I copied what Dan has ordered with is Brushetta which is garlic bread drenched or topped with oyster sauced or soy sauced (hell it smells almost the same) mushroom and bell pepper with black forest chilled coffee for drinks. Vin ordered pasta with meat balls on top (forgot to ask the name of the dish) and the two teachers ordered carbonara and ice tea for their drinks. While dining we continued our conversation about life, relationshps and our batch and the new batch of highscool students our former teachers handling now.

After a while we bid each other a farewell and see Mrs. Pintes off to the jeepney terminal while Ms. Toledo went the other way also heading home. after that we returned to the mall to buy doughnuts for Vin's family and paid his monthly internet bills and returned to the terminal but before that we saw another familiar person. Janine, a former elementary school classmate (of us three) and schoolmate in highschool together with her boyfriend. We said a little a hi and hello with each other and said our goodbyes right after (we don't want to spoil the couples quality time, right?). We rode back home via the tricycle going back to Vin's place this time. While on the tricycle we discussed about how my former groupies back in elementary made fun (not bullied) or joke around with the girls including Janine and later Vin and Dante joining us, the bum and easy go lucky (yet academically wise) boys (hehehe) back in the 6th grade.

We finally arrived at Vin's place to chat and explore the net and see each individual's blog and site. by the way you can check Vin's blog at Media Mileage ( while Dan is at 3 Dimensional Family ( I also once again showed my art community page at deviantart ( and discussed about photoshop and the levels of knowledge and experiance we know about the software. I also showed them some of my works which they (destructively?)criticize and shamelessly joked at, which is usually common to us three just to have some great way to exchange jokes (even how corny it may get - or i may get hehehe) and at the strike of 11:01 in the evening they see me off to the highway to ride back home and safely arrive home (thanks to God) and saw our dog YenYen looked up and watched me walk by her and knock at the door(with the rest of the family all having their good night of sleep). Father opened the door and delivered the shocking news... the tv has finally resigned! reached its deadline! doomed! Kapished! I slowly approach the TV hoping it is not true (F.Y.I. It has been with us for almost 5 years now with last year). I opened it and saw nothing but i am sure it is on... then I remembered, maybe the antenna cable at the back is disconnected and like I said and imagine, it is! I plugged it back it and the reception came back, humans once again move inside our almost extinguishing television. Father's face lit up and told me to finish all the fish stew they left for me. I told them I already dined. Father said that he should probably just give it to the YenYen for it is surely going to be spoiled the next day (for it has tomatoes, I also think it would), so I told father i would still eat it a while and he went off to bed and left me with the tv. After a while I opened the laptop and decided to put what happened today via this post while watching the news and reruns of Frasier at MAXXX on studio 23.

I now looked at the wall clock, it is approximately 01:39 in the morning with me sitting on the floor typing this post with an electric fan steadly focuses its breeeze behind this old laptop. My leg is starting to cramp up so I think I will end this post now, my eyes are drooping down but I still have a dish to ginish oh well, until next post guys.

Hope to have another great day with my two great friends. Dan and Vin.
(Now stands and went to the kitchen to heat up the now cold dish)



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