Thursday, June 12

The 110th Philippine Independence

Today is June 12, 2008 (Well here in the Philippines, of course) and we are all commemorating the 110th Philippine Independence against the tyranny of the Spaniards (Thanks to America for buying the Philippines hahaha that's another historical issue XD). Well let me say this in my proud language...

Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino. Malaya man tayo ngunit saklaw pa din tayo ng responsibilidad sa ating sarili, sa ating kapwa, sa ating pamilya, sa ating kalikasan, at sa ating bansa kay kilos Pilipino... Makibahagi! magkaisa! Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino... at...

Mabuhay Pilipinas

Well, that made me all hyped up!


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