Friday, May 9

Street Children: Who's to Blame?

I just got home from the city today. As I walked the overpass I can't help (and who wouldn't?) but notice two of the many street children laying down on the cold tiled floor. These street children are either sleeping or am looking at every passers-by with a pitiful look on their greasy or dirt-covered faces with arms extending and at the end a small disposable plastic cup.

Sample photo of Street Children in the Philippines

A grabbed photo taken by Mommybug29 in her stay in the Philippines back in 2007.

I hope I didn't lose all my sense of "being merciful" because every time I see these street children I don't feel any (mercy). Why? Because almost everytime I go to the city all I see is these children's faces depending on the amount given to them by sympathetic passers-by. Makes me want to talk to them and say "Where are your parents? Why are they allowing you to beg for small coins?" but I can't, coz I am also considering the idea of "what if they are lost and all alone in this cruel society". Still my belief is that they are somewhat being ordered by some mafia to gather money for them or worst the mafia I am talking about are their very own parents.

Now if it is the parents responsible, then what's the reason behind this shameless and undignified act of making their children beg for money? I hope it is not another one of those cliche answers "because if we don't then we would starve to death", why would they starve to death if they are not doing anything? They can surrender themselves and their children at a local Social Welfare Development Department but why wouldn't they?

I have also seen documentaries that street children and other beggars tends to escape upon being absorbed or nurtured by these social departments. They say that they are not properly treated, fed and cared for in these agency. Then is it any better from the dangerous roads infested with vehicle pollution? With more corrupt environment of violence and abuse?

So who is to blame?


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  3. in that case, I blame the parents for having children that they cannot support and give a descent life.