Monday, May 19

National Humiliation: Is it worth it?

Television Games shows has been one of the many reasons why we watch television (or for me, that is the one of the many reasons). One thing that I have noticed is this trends specially on some local game shows.

To name one is the hit ABS CBN Kapamilya Noontime/Game Show "Wowowee". Sure the host can joke around with the contestants but not to the point that he humiliates them. I have seen so many of these examples in their episodes... My brother is watching them so it can't be helped to watch it.

One is today's episode on "Couples who is going to be married this June '08", a male contestant whose height is around 5 with a built physique approach the game area (where they answer by pressing the buzzer and name the title of the song and sings some line of it). Mr. Revillame then secretly mocks how this man looks like by joking. Of course the man is laughing with them but I can't help but imagine what might him or others like him feel when they get humiliated on Philippine Television for just a chance of winning a great deal of money.

Of course money is important, but will that mean throwing away one's dignity and honor as a being just to gain money and entertain the television viewers? The most common victims of these game shows are the Filipino mass (who a times belongs below the poverty or middle class society).

Well, I can almost imagine what will fans and the management says on my say. "We only want to give enjoyment and entertainment for the Filipino Viewers, Our management does not intend to do any harm or humiliate any persons in the process. Thank you for understanding" Well that's one load of crap. Well if they are really sorry then they should stop with this degradation and humiliating jokes. The person being humiliated might not mind this but what about viewers that discourage this form of entertainment would say?

Maybe the contestants themselves are to be blame for letting their dignity and honor put to humiliation. If so then I hope the management of all the game shows should come up with other forms of entertainment rather than making fun of the contestants.

Well, guess what. I am not the only one thinking this way. Check out the article by Miss Conniue Veneracion at


  1. i agree in you that most of the times, they drew laughter at the expense of others (laughing stuff), offending na ang humor.

  2. joining such tv shows aren't really for the weak-hearted. but yes, some jokes can be below the belt.