Thursday, May 15

The Broke x The Unemployed x The Unindexed

I have not been blogging much like I usually do in the past because of two factors... My computer monitor finally broke down (after 5 years) and me being unemployed and broke T.T

Well I guess the hunt for a better life has finally been unveiled to me when I graduated last April. As I wait for my School records to be processed and release I am now stuck in the unemployed craze that is hitting almost every fresh graduates here in the Philippines but I am not loosing hope! If there is a will, then there is a way. but if there is no money then what way will I take? hmm well I will just have to find out in the next days to come.

Well I am still not recovered from the page rank dropped from 1 to none. I don't know if my blog "CMAQUEST" is banned or not yet been indexed by google. If you'll try searching the word " cmaquest " on yahoo, the direct link leading here comes first while in google... ahw.. never mind. I have also written a letter of consideration regarding my page rank and submitted my url to Google in order to be index, hope I can retrieve back what I lost. But if not then, it will not stop me from blogging and having more connection here!

Tkashi Kawamura from The Prince of Tennis

"I am Burning!!!"

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  1. ok lang yan..lahat talaga ng fresh grad medyo na papraning. take it from me :)

    dadating din yang trabahong inaantay mo. magugulat ka na lang :)