Wednesday, April 16

To Manila: Bus, Van, and Jeep

One week has passed since I last visited Manila (specifically to Carriedo in Sta. Cruz, Metro Manila ~ Hope I got that place right). I renewed my NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance for it is one of the requirements for the job (that i luckily got hired or was it absorbed, ah! I think it is hired!). The one think that I am irritated about is where the heck did all the buses go? The busses that I am talking about are the provincial buses heading back to Cavite.


Dating back to the year 2002, where Lito Atienza was still the Mayor of Manila, provincial buses go as far as the "Park and Ride"Bus Terminal alongside SM City Manila. The fare would range from 36-40 Php (Philippine Pesos).


Alfredo Lim is now the Mayor of Metro Manila, Provincial buses are now limited to Vito Cruz and Buendia area only. If a certain individual, let's say a student from Technological university of the Philippines who resides at Cavite wants to go home. He/she must first ride a jeep all the way to Buendia area and then ride the Bus, or he/she will still proceed to "Park and Ride" but will eventually take the Van heading back to Cavite.

What is the big issue here? Hmm let me enlist it here:


- Buses going and heading back to Cavite have a fare rate around 46 Php while if one would take a van, the fare would cost 50 Php.
- Student's (though i am no longer one) time will be wasted. Instead of waiting for provincial buses to pass near the road in front of their colleges/universities, they are required to walk all the way to the terminal only to ride a van that has a fare higher than a regular bus ride would normally cost. I know it is the right venue but it is not really efficient.
- If one will not hike towards the terminal he/she would commute from their respected school via jeep going to Buendia to where the provincial buses are now designated to load and unload passengers. Still inefficient, both for the pocket and the health.
- Traffic along Taft area has greatly increased as undisciplined jeepney drivers rampage the area.
- CaviteƱos are now burdened with the worry of how much money and time they'll waste just to get back home.


- Metro Manila Jeep Drivers has gained more income and the monopoly of the passengers has turned back once again to them.
- Vans also gain more income because individual with no choice (if in a hurry) will eventually afford their services.

Well, guess this will be the problem of the next CaviteƱo commuters going to and back from Manila. What will happen in the next years? Will Mayor Lim Change this city ordinance? That is for us to find out...


  1. ay naku kuya naiinis talaga ako kay Lim dahil sa ginawa nyang 'to.

    dati isang sakay lang ako papasok at pauwi ngayon kung anu ano pa sinasakyan ko.

    nakakapagod at mas magastos.


  2. May suggestion tatay ko. What if all students make this petition letter to bring back the provincial busses back to Manila.

    Di ba you're on UP and I know UP are righteous and freedom fighters... why not start the 100 or whatever you call it signature to bring back the provincial buses back to Manila.