Thursday, April 10

A Pre-Graduation Entry

WEll I've decided to update today. The Night before Christmas... The Nightmare on Elm Street... The Neverwinter Nights... The Never ending Story... the... ok enough of that! Tonight is the night before the Big (or small) Graduation Day.
I am really not that prepared for tomorrow, nor that excited, I am just relieved that finally after five long years I can finally finish up College (and my course is not even a five-years course *.* ). I will soon be earning my own money. All my angst and complains in life (The Deprivation!) will finally be answered or not. I've been also busy with completing my requirements for a job (yeah! I was hired!) in an Outsourcing Company. Let me get back with the Graduation "thang" (nope that's not a typo ^^,) which will be tomorrow morning at 8:00 in the morning. We (the graduates) only practiced three times. Yes, we already are "mature" and "intelligent" people but for me the three practice is not enough for the supposed to be "formal ceremony" due tomorrow. Let me do a recap..

Day One - I didn't attend the practice because I was "self-proclaimed" busy that time. The reasons are completely valid... "Slacking" (Nyaah!). According to practice goers all they did was walk and emulate how will they march on and off the venue. The Venue is in "Tagaytay International Convention" and the first two practices where in or old dear Auditorium. Well I'm glad I didn't attend that "fruitful" practice.

Day Two - They practiced again at the Calip-Atienza Hall (the School Auditorium) but this time all they did was sing the graduation theme "Go the Distance" (what a very unpredicatable song *.* - with pun intended). It also makes me remember the korean television epic series "The Legend" (not its real title, GMA 7 again edited the majestic title into a forgettable and lame title) now shown in GMA 7 and assigned individual who'll be participating in the "Baccalaureate Mass". Well I am one, I will be carrying the flag of our dear the Computer Science Department flag. I wish I did attend that time because they never practiced that part again in Day 3.

Day Three - The only practice I've attended in the actual venue. The hilarious part was I did attend it but was too early for it. I though that it is like the other two practices that would start at 8 in the morning, so I woke up early, and hope that I wouldn't get lost in Tagaytay because I don't visit Tagaytay that often and on my own (usually it is back on the elementary and high school day's field trip events). so I took off at around 6:45 and arrived at the venue at exactly 8:00 am! Hurray! I was not late... way not too late. I've noticed that not a single student was there and finally a reply from a fellow graduate texted that the practice was at 1:oo in the afternoon. Hahaha I can't help but to laugh at my situation that time. I did't go home because it is just going to be a waste of time and money. Thus, I've waited, and waited to the point where roots almost popped out my feet hehehe. until I went to the venue (yup I stayed outside because I don't want to be coined as "Excited") and still I was the first soul to come. Later the place got packed with students. We practiced the new marched. Yep! the March practice in day 1 was completely change because of the change in actual environment. We practiced the whole exercise, and sang "Go the Distance", and that was generally it. Glad I didn't attend the first two, thanks to my slacking hehehehe.

The only part that i am worried with is the Baccalaureate Mass, what will I do. Well I will just use my instinct and pray that i will not be the first in line XD. Happy Graduation to me! Hahaha at least somebody greeted me... myself nyah! hahaha

Chris A logging out and soon logging out in the world of College.

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