Tuesday, April 29

The Peer Factor

One of the greatest factor that influence an individual is his/her environment. Among this said environment are "peers". So what does "peer" stands for and what is the "peer factor"?

"Peer" according to Dictionary.com, is a noun which is either (1) a person of the same legal status: a jury of one's peers; or (2) a person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status.

I first heard the term "pear factor" from the radio show of DJ's Nicole Hiyala and Chris Tsuper's "Tambalan Na!" segment on Love Radio (a hit Philippine Radio station). They've discuss this in relation with a listener's inquiry if whether or not he should listen to his peers suggestion to go out and "loose his virginity" to a very "hot and game" chick. The listener or (sms sender) txter is a young man around his 20's with a belief that he should only have sex with the woman he is truly in love with and suppose to marry (a traditional belief here in the Philippines but still is a legend in some parts of the Philippines hahaha). The two DJs, obviously gave this txter the "benefit of doubt" on his current situation. They answered safely that the decision is up to the txter if whether or not he should surrender his principles or not. This is the story behind this post.

peer pressure

Peer Factor can also be peer pressure. According to wikipedia:

"Peer pressure is a term describing the pressure exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change their attitude, behavior and/or morals, to conform to, for example, the group's actions, fashion sense, taste in music and television, or outlook on life. Social groups affected include membership groups, when the individual is "formally" a member (for example, a political party or trade union), and social cliques. A person affected by peer pressure may, or may not want to belong to these groups. They may also recognize dissociative groups with which they would not wish to associate, and thus they behave adversely concerning that group's behaviors. Most people who smoke say that they started or continued because of peer pressure.

The chances of a young person getting involved in criminal activity are increased if they have friends who have been in trouble with the law. "

Peer or peers plays an delicate role on how an individual is shape but even so, we should still hold on to our values and know what our hearts truly desire with consideration of all known possibilities and outcomes. For sure you are going to be accepted but are you ready for the consequences?

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