Saturday, April 26

The ITCH Solution: A Free Multiplayer Online Gaming Community

As you all know, I am a big internet junky. Besides blogging and socializing (through social media network sites) I also am into free online games, whether it is flash or a full pledge game... nothing will get pass under this runny nose of mine.

Random Defense, a Tower Defense screenshot 1 taken from ITCH

One game genre that I love to play besides Role Playing Games (RPG) is Tower Defense or TD. "Tower defense, what the heck is that", if you'll ask. Well basically TD's objective is completely straightforward that is to stop the evil A.I. or "creeps" from getting to their destination (usually a tower). In order to do this, the game is designed to have a number of weapons arsenal or structures that a player can choose to stop the creeps. Each game starts with limited resource in the form of cash at the first part of the game but as you eradicate marching "creeps" your cash goes up enablingyou to upgrade your arsenals and do research to have better fire power against the A.I., but a player needs to watch out - save for too long without getting new weaponry and a player will end up letting the creeps through and loose.

Random Defense, a Tower Defense screenshot 2 taken from ITCH

Well what better way to know more about this is by playing it. "Random Defense" is a great Tower Defense genre game, and did I say it free? Yup, it is! I started playing and didn't notice how much time passed. I immediately got hooked to this TD game.

It has 10 different maps with varying difficulties and creeps marching to their doom, or yours if you're not prepared enough. Try and see wether TD is one of your game genre here at "Random Defense".

Random Defense is one of the many free games offered by the ITCH. ITCH is a community for players to enjoy free multiplayer online games.

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  1. the best tower defense games would be from war craft [DOTA]. Mafarazzo, Azure and the Final Fantasy dragon tower defense rock!