Friday, April 4

GMA 7 and ABS CBN: Philippine Television Companies, Ingrates?

Here I am again! Back with another personal perspective and review. This time I will tackle about the issue between GMA Kapuso and ABS CBN Kapamilya.

First of all what is an ingrate?
By google definition it is...

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a person who shows no gratitude

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Have you in anyway happened to tuned in to ABC 5 before? If yes, then we are on the right track.

Well ABC 5 is a decent Philippine channel with some great titles and yet it is always overshadowed by the popularity (or inferiority) of the two Major Networks... yup! GMA and ABS CBN.

First off, what do you call when a station buys a franchise of an hit American gameshow or talent search and then later, calls it the first in the Philippines even if there was already one before(bought by a not so popular station)? Well the answet is simple check the definition inside the series of dash above.

ABC 5 first bought the franchise of "Wheel of Fortune" back in the 2002 to validate that here is the Wikipedia Link of it ( . The host then was Rustom Padilla who now as we know it went out of the closet and declared his sexuality; but now a new version of the game emerged and as if like the first game here in the Philippines (in ABC 5) did not exist. Are they taking a fool out of the Philippine TV Viewers?

ABC 5 also bought first the franchise of Pop Idol last year... and yet GMA 7 is calling its new franchise of the Idol as the very first Idol which is a complete hoax. What is striking here is this sentence from the definition of Pinoy Idol in Wikipedia:

"Pinoy Idol is the second franchise of Idol series in the Philippines (the word Pinoy is the colloquial form of the word Filipino). It is set to replace Associated Broadcasting Company's (ABC) Philippine Idol, which was the first and the original franchise, after it was not been awarded by FremantleMedia to ABC for its supposed-to-be second season. GMA Network promoted Pinoy Idol as "the first Idol competition in the Philippines" during its New Year's Eve 2007 Presentation, and therefore will not recognize Philippine Idol and its winner Mau Marcelo. " more of Pinoy Idol here and Philippine Idol here

Guess that is the condition for GMA to have the rights to use the name Idol in the show, even if it means not recognizing a great talent such as the first ever Philippine Idol Mau Marcelo and its fellow Filipino station ABC 5.

Guess both of the two Giants (GMA and Network) have something in common this time, besides their masquerading as a "Stations that unites the Filipino" ... Well call me judgmental but what else would you call them?

Let us not be a slve to these stations by being a loyal viewer? There are a lot of interesting and great series out there! You just have to surf your TV channels, wether you're in cable or not. If I was to choose to what to watch whether Sis, Boy and Kris and RPN 9's 10:00 - 11:00 am reruns of last nights show, I would go with RPN 9! Cold Case, Terminator, Burn Notice, Eureka, Bionic Woman are some great shows which are an escape from the traditional cheap before lunch TV shows of both TV Giants.

Well you can't blame me from hating the two stations, I still watch them every now and then but after their advertisement wars (view my ABS CBN vs GMA Seperating Filipinos post), I've finally see through them... Just plain companies hungry for dominion and power. If I am wrong, then shame on me, If I am right well who is to be ashamed anyway? They have been playing with us for years, what is another decade anyways?


  1. Wow, onga no. Ngayon ko lang na-realize.

    Basta lang sumikat eh no.


  2. Good Luck sa summer classes!
    Salamat din sa kumento sa pagiging ingrato ng TV Company giants...

    "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."