Sunday, April 27

Dyesebel: Swimming Its Way to Philippine Television


Dyesebel, one of Philippine Comics, Movie and Entertainment icon will now be reborn as a television series by one of Philippines Largest Television Company GMA - Kapuso Station. Dyesebel is one of the many roster of marvelous creation of Philippines' father of Comics, the late Mars Ravelo.

Dyesebel's basic plot(in the past depictions in the movies) is a mermaid abandoned by her outraged father and mother upon seeing her abnormality. She was then cast out to see and was adopted and cared by a fellow mermaid. She grew to be a beautiful mermaid. She'll meet a dashing bachelor and love will blossom between the two. Conflicts shall arise from the people and other sea creatures around them to seperate their extraordinary love.

Dyesebel and Fredo

Dyesebel will be airing this Monday, April 28, 2008 after Joaquin Bordado. Hope GMA will give justice to the story of one of Philippines Classic Icon... Dyesebel.

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  1. dyesebel sucks!it's merely a conglomerate of all the telenovela cliches there is..buti na lang mejo gusto ko si marian. nonetheless, napapakapredictable nya..lobo rules!hahaha!