Wednesday, April 16

Charice Pempengco - Our Very Own Filipina Power House Singer

Here is a performance video of a guesting of Charice Pempengco, who is another world class Filipino rising star ( with special thanks to Youtube) in Paul O'Grady Show.

Watch it and be amazed... Power House in deed.

Who is she anyway?
- Here is what wikipedia has to say -

and guess when her next gueting be?...
See for yourself here...


  1. i tip my hats off. i feel so proud. napapanganga nako when she was stil performing in lil big star, i knew she'll make it worldwide.

    by the way, thanks for being the first one who dropped by my blog and comment, i gave you 50 ec :D

    thank you..


  2. Wow. Bongga. May wikipedia rin siya. Hihi. Proud din ako sa kanya. Galing-galing. International singer na talaga. Lagi ko siyang napapanood sa TV Patrol. Pag may bigating guesting lang naman siya. Hihi


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