Monday, March 10

Thesis Defense Day 01: Aftermath

Got early around 5:00 in the morning to make my PowerPoint presentation of my Thesis entitled "Online Writing and Blogging as an Alternative Source of Income for Non-Information Technology Professionals", after an hour I managed to finish the short presentation (Oh do I love to do things on rush...not!) and managed to improve my tribe's level in "Virtual Villager 2"

Some Screen shots of Virtual Villager 2. Learn more about them and more screenshots over at the Virtual Villager Official Site Here @ (and nope! I am not paid for this >.< ). I will be doing a reviw on it later or on my future blog which will be on the really near future... after graduation perhaps? I borrowed a formal red long sleeved polo shirt from my brother who is a Accounting Student (because they told me to dress formal) plus his silvery designed tie (or a black , gray, and blue blended tie), and of course my ever reliable blazer I two year ago when I was working at a fast food restaurant Greenwich. The result? Me looking like a Professor or that is what I thought I look like. Well you can judge me for yourself here:

I got on a jeep and commute to campus. I was surprised that I was the first to present for the Thesis at 8:00 am, and I thought my schedule was from 10-12:00 am. I immediately ran and really panicked. I was afraid that the panels for the defense might be really in a bad mood because of my lateness, and I wasn't wrong. I arrived at campus at around 9:00 in the morning and immediately plugged in my USB Flash Drive on the system unit and told Miss Imee (the HRM program adviser who, I am thankful for helping me with the meal for the panels) that I am good to go. Of course, they told me to relax and tidy up because I look wasted as sweat poured through my face (both literally and figuratively. If there a figurative meaning of that hehehe) ... and finally I went into the executive office to defend my Thesis. There were four panel, the College Dean/Director of Academics, the College Marketing Department Head, a Professor and Statistician, and the Education Department's Program Adviser.

After reading my defense yup that was the Dean remarked after I finished ahem reading. The inevitable revision and recommendation of Thesis title began. They suggested that I change my title to "Online Writing and Blogging for non-Information Technology Professionals: Source of Alternative Income", they doubted if I can be able to pull off and show my respondents credibility to whether they really earn from blogging and they are non-I.T. (Information Technology) Professionals. Well eventually it ended with little revisions on my Thesis, and now comes the hard part... How can I get my said 10-20 Blogger Respondents, who are non-IT Professionals and alternatively earning money from Blogs. Hope you can help me guys with this one. If you have the time please drop by here... and tell me if you can help me out. It would be really of great help.


  1. What do you want your respondents to do? Well, I have earned $34 from my blog so that's technically 'earning' right? Yey! Well, I am not yet a professional but I am a CS student. Is that OK?

    That village simulation game looks good (I am a fan of these type of games) but it's worth 800 pesos!

  2. matrynga maglaro ng virtual villagers.. hehehe

  3. try to contact

    I don't receive anything from blogging so I can't directly help you with your thesis.

  4. I played Virtual Villagers 1. Meron kasi ako dating Village Sim sa Palm handheld ko and the transition to the PC console for me was a great move!

  5. 4ever7 > Hmm... Nasa handheld pala dati ang Virtual Villager?

    Hmmm try mu din ang Plant Tycoon at Fish Tycoon, lahat gawa ng Last Day, the same makers ng Virtual Villager series.