Friday, March 7

The Sleepless x The Inquiry

This week has been a hell week...
Projects that I've neglected in the past has now returned and started haunting me...

This includes my two Thesis. One is for Methods of Research entitled "Online Writing and Blogging as a Good Source of an Alternative Income" and the other one is for Thesis B the Flash Game I will be doing later up to tomorrow (yup I will sit on it the whole evening). Hope I can catch up and complete my requirements in order for me to finally graduate on April 11.

I would like to apologize to my readers (yes, I am talking about you) for my inactivity during this week. I usually post three to four blog posts per week (excluding the surveys) but as you've notice this is the only personal post I had for this week. Hope you can understand my situation.

Oh! there's another thing. As I've mention earlier I am doing a Thesis on "Blogging and Online Writing as a Good Source of Alternative Income for non-Information Technology Professionals", I hope I can have respondents that can help me complete my thesis. It wouldn't eat up much of your time, it is just some questions and choices for you to truthfully answer. I don't know if what I am requesting and writing in this post is ethical but hope to have your help.

Guess after next week I will be back on my blogging schedule..

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