Wednesday, February 6


( ~C-Comics and Art )

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Panel 1:
In a classroom...
Teacher: Pedro use the word "deposit" in a sentence.

Panel 2
Pedro: That is Easy Ma'am, Deposit is leaking.

Panel 3
Teacher : No, no, no, no! You got it all wrong Pedro. Let me further explain it to you.
Bank = Deposit. See the relationship? Bank is to deposit.

Panel 4
Pedro: Ah! I finally got it.!
Teacher: Okay, I will give you another chance. Use "deposit" in a sentence.

Panel 5
Pedro: Deposit in the bank is leaking.
Teacher: Nyahhhh!!!

Another Comic skit I've done in the past. The joke is really old, I dunno if it is even considered as a joke anymore hehehe.... Just another of C-creations for my dear viewers. Feel free to press the zoom in to view the whole image.


  1. LOL !!!!!! that totally totally TOTALLY cracked me up ! I was laughing so hard ^^ thanks for making me laugh this happily for the first time the whole day ^^

  2. still very good to these days. nice post!