Friday, February 29

Entry for the Leap Day of the Leap Year of 2008

I was busy with the completion of my flash game thesis (which is due tomorrow by the way) when I saw an episode of the Sweet Life about Leap Year Myths and then I just realized that it is the last day of the month of February which is also a Leap date too. That is why I am here again to make a Leap date post and post about some things...

An episode about Bloggers was the topic today in "The Sweet Life" Friday February 29 2008 Episode entitled "Blogging Galing!" (Outstanding Blogging) which discussed about some nifty information about what blogging is and how it is a hit now over the world wide web. The guests were Steff Presscot a pretty young artist from Hit Filipino TC Artist Reality Search "Starstruck" (; a well known Filipina comedienne Candy Pangilinan (; A Vespa and Personal Blogger John Rana (; and Mike Abundo who serves as Vice-President for Online Services of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society and writes for Inside Online Video, Tech Side Up, and many others (

Just got some nifty info from Mike Abundo. Here are some:

- Create compelling posts. If your into writing then create compelling write-ups; video blogging then make compelling video blogs; and so on.

- Be linky. Other sites and blogs should link to you (that is why viral linking, contests, memes and tags has also been a hit in blogs). Bot should crawl to your blog that is why you should create compelling posts.

- Don't call a Blog as a "Blog Site" because Blog is already a Site.


  1. Glad you got some value out of that show! :)

  2. wow.. d ko napanood yan.. kainis :(

  3. kapatid, sure, we caN BE friends. friendly akong tao. ^_^

    like how close friends ba? joke. ^_^

    thanks for dropping by.

    ok ang mga tips ni mike ah. di nga lang ako compelling basahin. lolz.