Friday, January 18

T.G.I.F. Updates and Chris A.

It has been another week full of worries and high hopes.

Is that why, you haven't updated this CMAQUEST?

Not really, I've been busy with a lot of things.

Like procrastinating?

Somewhat Yes. Hope I have a time management adviser ( T.T ). Our Thesis B adviser already told us that our standalone rpg game project should be more than 50% complete by tomorrow (Saturday) but it is only half way to 10% now nyaaahhhh.

Are you gonna graduate?

That is the big question that is troubling me since the semester started. I already wasted One year of my life at a former school, thus, the what should be "four year" computer science course turned to a "five year" one. I really wanna get out f the campus and earn a living. You see, college life has not been that enjoyable experience to me. Why? It is because of the fact that the population of the whole 4th Year Computer Science students is composed of one plus one... Yes! Two Students, me and my other classmate.

What have you been up to the past days?

Like I said earlier, I've been studying about our Thesis B rpg game project and reading a thick book entitled "SAMS Macromedia Flash Pofessional 8 UNLEASHED". I am finally getting the hang of action scripts 2.0 I do hope I can apply it to my future projects and maybe here in CMAQUEST or TNWAE but for now really need to focus on TNWAE the Game.

Another thing that I have been doing the past few days is conceptualizing the story and the world of After Earth, that is why I came up with another blog, a literary one this time. I also blended it with original art which is now posted on the page. Head over here:

Hope you could support it also... and also it will be official that from this day forth I am now gonna use the nick name "Chris A."

That is all for the updates so far.

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