Monday, January 21

Are you Ready? "Philippines: The Blog Capital of the World"

"The SMS capital of the World is also the BLOG capital of the World"

I was shocked... astonished... and proud after I read a review from a Singaporean Blogging Group Named The Little Entrepreneur about us, the Filipinos... Our being friendly and hospitable.

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We have always found Filipinos to be friendly and gregarious. If you were to hire service staff in Singapore, you really want to get Filipinos for their seemingly natural disposition towards friendliness and even charm. They seem to have enormous amounts of patience and do not get rattled (at least in front of the customer) when faced with unwarranted animosity. Even when you check out your groceries at the store, they will greet you warmly and sincerely even though they must have been doing that for the whole day already. So you can always tell in Singapore when you’re being serviced by a Filipino.More...

The whole article on their page:

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With all the negative news and misinformation of other Nations against the Philippines and the Filipinos we still stand strong from it, still proud, and happy not from these insults but by being Filipinos. It makes me even more proud that even we bloggers (in our own little way)had made a difference here in the online world.


  1. hehe. nice one ^__^

    grabeh talaga ang pinoy :D

    weeee ^__^

  2. wow, this is a very good news in the Philippine Blogosphere.. I'm very proud of Pinoy Bloggers..

    Chris, keep it up.. Tulungan tayo..

  3. I've also noticed that there are so many Pinoy bloggers. grabeh..hehe

    anyway, I've posted about Love and Relationship. I know di xa related. pero give it a try, it might help.

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  4. And to think that the majority of Filipinos are not yet connected to the Net. Whoa.

  5. this is another spirit boosting post..thanks sa visit'll someday be recognized, too..

    keep up the good site:)