Wednesday, November 28

The Quake that was 2 and Beef Order # 1

The Quake

It was yesterday (November 27) where I felt the ground shake a bit, it was around 12:10-12:15 in the afternoon... My professor also felt that wave too, for we are in his internet shop playing "Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)". As I arrived home that day, it was proven, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6 that hit the Richter scale started (epicenter) around the Pangasinan coasts while the wave of that was experienced here in Cavite with a magnitude of 2. It is a good thing that only a few incidents and no major damage has occured... and after that around 5:00 - 6:00 a hard rain poured, I think that was the storm who PAG-ASA called "Mina" saying Good Bye Cavite.

Beef Order # 1

Around 5:30 I inquired and started my first day at a local GYM, forgot the name of that gym but I swear there was a big lettering of "GYM" near the door. There was a number of good and heavy equipments... and when I say heavy, I mean really HEAVY! Even though I was just a beginner at that gym I guess the trainer thought I was an iron man or something, what I will not remember is the magical number of 10 and 12. 10 counts, rest, followed by 12 counts of heavy barbell lifting. As I went home my shoulder arms and legs were really sore from the tension... well guess I'll have to cope up with this right? No pain, no gain.


By the way if you're asking why am I keep on referring body building as "beef" is because uhm, uh... I think cow meat or beef is lean and meaty which I wanted my body to looked like and not like a thin bamboo trunk.

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