Monday, November 26

Operation Beef Up!!!

Wha the? This Post is about Cows?

Another week has passed and I am still slim as ever. You can notice it on my friendster and other accounts (See |C is Seen| in the sidebar)thus I came to a resolution... To add up more confidence I will be starting Operation Beef Up, where I basically go to a Local Gym every MWF to gain some muscles.

Is it that important to me? Uhm I think so, coz we are living in a world where people look at the outside features before looking on what really on the inside (as I observe). Hopefully, if I have successfully implemented this then it is gonna give me a really big boost in my confidence and my health.

So many things had happened the last weekend where I wasn't that blogging much. Last Saturday (November 24) Mother celebrated her 42nd Birthday which was a blast, a lot of drinking, and singing thanks to a videoke... mother enjoyed it, and I am glad she did.

Yesterday I went to a good friend around 8:00 in the evening because I was busy doing my "Isla Original Character Round One Tournament" for the contest posted by a fellow Filipino and Deviant who goes by the Username WANSWORLD. I arrived at his house late just to greet him a Happy Birthday, I knew it was really late but hey, he's my best bud! I found out that there was no celebration but it is okay with him (but if that happened to me I think I'll cry... buuhoo! hahaha what a sissy!) and he was just enjoying his sister's new Play Station Pocket... My natural "I wish I have that" mentality kicks in, I really wished for something like that if it wasn't "THAT" expensive. Well after that visit my passion to finish up my studdies fired up! I am going to finish and have a decent job to afford the things which I really wanted the most!!! (That includes a pc tablet, a powerful pc, playstation III, a Wii, a Psp... hahaha what an ambitious frog I am, hahaha)

Well, if I can't have any Psp games, I guess an Nds Emulator and Rom will do. Good thing taht No$gba has been updated and now I can play the games where I am having troubles p[laying before like Pokemon Diamond, Rune Factory, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy Revenant Wings & III, Lost in Blue and Sims 2 Cast Away...

I only have one question... How can I make fire if there is no touch screen I can blow into if the game is saying "Blow" in a emulated pc game of DS in the keyboard?

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