Thursday, November 22

Mr. Gerry Alanguilan's Comics and Filipino Web Sites

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Last Komikon I grabbed my first issue of Mr. Gerry Alanguilan's "Elmer" and signed it for me, and I thank you sir for that. I was also honored that Mr. Alanguilan commented on my Fresh from Komikon page after I dropped by his Komikero page.

Images from Mr. Alanguilan's page @

The Following Sites are links to Mr. Gerry Alanguilan and his works:

Elmer is © of Gerry Alanguilan

~Elmer will be featured plus other independent comics I availed last Komikon 07 in the C-Review this Sunday~

Also I joined two forums and sites related to my interest... comics. The site is Komik Tambayan and Sir Allanguilan's forum blog which will be linked directly from my blog through Most visited sights. Also signed up for Filipiniana and Wiki Pilipinas. Link are as follows:

Also stumbled upon an upcoming online novel by David Hontiveros

It is so refreshing that Filipino Comics is getting back on its knees, and hope Filipinos can support again this industry, a part of our history and Culture. Last Night as I watched a rerun of "Pinoy Meets World", hosted by Miriam Quiambao and Paolo Bediones. The episode is about their tour around India and its Culture and People.

Article on :

How I wish Filipinos can also be like the Indians that maintains their culture by supporting and still implementing their traditions (like Indian dances and puppetry etc).

Lets act now to preserve our cultures, by returning back to our roots and Support not just the Philippine Comics but all of our ancestors heritage to us, the next generations.

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I am now starting to feel the pressure of being on my last days in College, all the thesis and projects are starting to build up on me. I know I can do this!!!

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