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Kamandag C-Review

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Kamandag ( or "Venom") premierred Monday, November 19, at around 8:30 pm which lasted about an hour thanks to local commercials (guess this means that there is a lot of tele viewers tuned in). Kamandag is from the brilliant mind and creation of Carlo J. Caparas.

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The world of Kamandag so far...
(Warning Episode One Spoiler ahead)

An enchanted world of half-human and half-animal called "Ambograw" exist beyond a cave in a small community. Gold can be found in that cave but there is the risk that one can never go back.

A local festival is celebrated in Vergel's town and as the Mayor was about to make his speech his extra ordinary sense of hearing kicks in and runs up towards the direction of the Bell at the Church tower. Before the assassin was about to pull the trigger the now snake armored Vergel who is now called the Kamandag diverts the bullet meant for the Mayor. They had this fight scene and ended up in the assasin's escape and Kamandag up in the church Tower asking what he is.


A flashback of where he come from is the next seen. In the enchanted world where 4 Ambog tribes lives, mainly led by King Budog (Half Taurien beings called the Orobaya ), King Gulag (Half-Wolf beings called the Lobobaya), King Saban (Half-Snake beings called the Hasbay), King Dinggol (Half-monkey beings called the Goybaya) and Queen Kuran (Half-feline beings called the Pusbaya).

King Saban of Hasbaya

King Dinggol of Goybaya

King Budog of Orobaya

Queen Kuran of Pusbaya

Conflict arises as King Saban's wife bore a child with a human appearance. Humans that are captured in the caves are trained into slaves to serve to satisfaction for each of the tribe, thus a Law was long before formulated that ambog's having apperance of Humans will be turned into a slave. King Saban condemned the agreement of the tree chieftains (Dinggol, Kuran, and Gulag) thus a duel is set to find out what decision will be taken. In the heat of the duel of Saban and Gulag, as saban was about to win, Kuran set fire around arena causing saban to loose focus, and resulted to Kuran stabbing the helpless Saban. Alicia (Saban's wife) blamed Budog for his negligence for not helping his good friend Saban as Kuran and Gulag slayed her King. Budog was regretful, but he can do nothing.

King Saban and his Queen, Alicia

King Gulag of Lobobaya

Intentions of Gulag was finally seen as he take Alicia as his wife right after Saban died; Alicia, who is obviously helpless agreed. Baya, the spoiled child of King Dinggol took Alicia's child when the caretaker left he child for a diaper change. Baya loved the child coz she tought of it as replacement for her broken human doll. King Dinggol upon hearing this ordered his daughter to return the child or else. Baya with a returned the child but before she run back off, she overheard the conversation of King Gulag and his subordinates that the news of return of Alicia's child must never come to her and after they hide the child, Saban will slay the child himself.

Baya and her Subordinate(Left to Right)

Baya took action by taking the child for safety to the human world. Before leaving the enchanted kingdom Budog saw the two Goybayan children together with alicia's child. Budog then told Baya to keep the human child safe into the human world and after that he place a snake-like amulet charm in the baby's belongings.

In the human world, Baya drop off the baby in the custody of Domeng head a kind family. Baya ordered her subordinate to stay and keep her toy from danger.

this concludes episode one.

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Impressions, Reactions and Expectations

The Ambiance of the world of Ambog somewhat reminded me of the hit GMA fantasy series Encantadia, Maybe they recronstructed most of the sets (expense-wise) out of it. I was not impressed with the lazy lines and dialogue of the slaves (extras), come on people! If your getting extras to do dialogues, please make sure that they sounded natural and not like reading a narration out of a story book! I mimicked they conversation and my sister was laughing at my imitation of their conversation, yup it was that bad. oh and another one Brandon Vera, the one who played assassin's line with a fellow goon is not that impressive, hope he can practice more on acting, coz the his fight scene with Kamndag was somehow good until he opened his mouth and made a strange expression of fear or constipation perhaps?I appreciated the way Richard Gutierrez looked in the snake skin suit.

Hope this series turns out well. I have high hopes that this series will still have this appeal until the end of the series and this includes, consistency in good graphics, costumes, lines and dialogues (of actors and please get better extras to do lines), progress of the story, humor (Mike Pekto Nacua always plays a good hilarious sidekick), and the authentic overall look (We wouldn't want Kamandag looking more an Encantadia that the Kamandag Title itself) that is Kamandag.

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