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Philippine Actor Special Feature: Michael V.

Beethoven del Valle Bunagan a.k.a Michael V. a.k.a Master of Disguise

Michael V. is one of the most well-knowned actor, comedian, singer,
composer, and director in the Philippines. He is currently part of GMA
Network's Hit Commedy and Award Wining Gag Show Bubble Gang.

Micahel V. started out as a contestant in a Rapper Search of Eat
Bulaga, and eventually made his way through showbiz and the
entertainment industry via the comedy show on ABC 5 "Tropang Trumpo".
After some time, Micahel V. left Tropang Trumpo (where he was a main
stay commedian from 1993 to 1995) and signed a contract as an artist
on GMA Network to be one of the comedians, of the still airing and hit
TV Gag show "Bubble Gang" (which started on 1995 up to the present).

From Bubble Gang, Michael V's career started to boom. Movie ,
recording, and commercial projects where given to him where he gained
popularity and his character love by the Filipinos.

Michael V. Played the role of characters like:

Lito (Dwarf Singer)
Lilo and Tito (identical twins of Lito)
Junee Lee
He was also a co-host with Lani Misalucha in a GMA talk show
Celebrity Turns with Junee and Lani and
Evilyn Magpayo a.k.a. Ate Ebs
Didjay Vidjay
Junior - a happy-go-lucky child
Jacob, Johnny and Julie (parody of Koreanovela characters)
This was also a commercial music video (Joy In My Heart)
promo for Joy Ultra.
Don Miguel of Muchas Grasas
Etong, Betong and Bebang
Fredda Torra (in BEBOT or "Binibini ng Eat Bulaga on TV" segment
of Eat Bulaga and parody of alien Predator in its series)
Yaya (Yaya and Angelina)
Pepito Manaloto

Michael V's Impersonations:

Michael V. as Junee Lee, the nervous and concious interviewer

Michael Ricketts (Mike Enriquez)
(coughing, sometimes louder), Excuse me po...& Ronnie
Ricketts for the long-back hair)
Krissy (Kris Aquino)
Tom Yam (Tim Yap)
Madame Rocha (Madame Auring)
Kitchie Na Day (Kitchie Nadal)
Marilawin (mixture of Mulawin and Marinara)
Captain Gargle (Captain Barbell)
He was also an alter-ego of Michael Ricketts.
Amoyhan of Pinkantadia (Amihan of Encantadia)
Ate B (Vilma Santos)
Churang Cuneta (Sharon Cuneta)
G.M. Hey (President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo)
Regine "Ang Bilas Ko" (Regine Velasquez)
Mahalai (Mahal)
Edi Pil (Eddie Gil)
Celine Din 'Yon (Celine Dion)
Sindi Lupa (Cyndi Lauper)
Ivan Submarina (Ivan Myrina, GMA reporter)
Betty La Kea (Betty La Fea)
Bakokang (Bakekang)
Von Jon Bodgie (Jon Bon Jovi)
Prinsipe (Prince)
Fake Cuneta (Faith Cuneta)
Kapatid na Auring
Pie Palayan (Pie Calayan)
Get Li (Jet Li)

He has been a member (or leader) of parody music bands:

Michael V. as Madam Rocha, the fortune teller

Shout Boarders (South Border)
SexBalls (SexBomb Girls)
Douche (Cueshe)
Spice Gays (Spice Girls)
Hansama (Hanson)
AquaOxigenada (Aqua)
Princess (Queen)
KayoKasiEh! (Kamikazee)
Shamerock (Shamrock)
EB Bebot (EB Babes)
Erase Your Heads (Eraserheads)
Liver Maya (Rivermaya)

The Following are Michael V's Filmography:

Banana Split
O-ha! Ako pa?
Isko Adventures in Animasia
Si Ayala at si Zobel
Mama's Boys
Ang Tatay kong Nanay
Halik ng Bampira
Rubberman - Bitoy/Rubberman
Ano ba Yan
Ano ba Yan 2
Bitoy Ang Itawag Mo Sa Akin - Bitoy
Sinaktan Mo Ang Puso Ko
D' Sisters: Nuns of the Above - Michael
Manolo en Michelle
Kwentong kayumanggi - Narrator
Bestman: 4 Better, Not 4 Worse - Joey
Lastikman - Junee Lee
Fantastic Man - Professor Manalo
Paraiso: Tatlong Kuwento ng Pag-asa - Didoy
Enteng Kabisote: Okay ka fairy, the legend - Itim
Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay ka fairy ko... The legend goes on and on
and on - Kabayo (voice cast)
Paraiso: Tatlong Kuwento ng Pag-asa - Didoy
Urduja - Kukut (voice cast)
Dayo - Narsi (voice cast)
Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie - Yaya

Michael V's Television shows

Michael V voices over Fulgoso in the hit Philippine remake of Mexicos hit drama series Marimar

Pepito Manaloto (GMA) - various
Bitoy's SHOwwwTIME (GMA) - host
Hole in the Wall as Yaya (GMA) - Host
Codename: Asero (GMA) - Bodjie X
MariMar (Philippine TV Series) (GMA) - Pulgoso (vocal role)
Eat Bulaga's Holy Week Specials (GMA)
Eat Bulaga (GMA) - Himself (co-host)
Bitoy's Funniest Videos (GMA) - Himself (host)
Bubble Gang (GMA) - Various
Ooops!... - Director
Bitoy's Adventures In Bilibkaba! (GMA) - Himself (host)
Bilibitornat! (GMA) - Himself (host)
Bitoy's World (GMA) - Etong, Betong and Bebang
Ready, Text, Go! (GMA) - Himself (host)
Mikee (GMA) Various
Tropang Trumpo (ABC) - Various
Maalaala Mo Kaya? (ABS-CBN) - Various
Teysi Ng Tahanan: Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang (ABS-CBN) - Various
Ready, Get Set, Go! (ABS-CBN) - Himself

Michael V also Released Some hilarious stuffs like his MTB (Music
Tagalog Bersyon) where he showcased his singing excellenceby composing
his own songs and translated word per word English Hits Songs with
titles and artists as:


(Original track title "Mmm Bop" as performed by Hanson)

Dalawa'y Nag-isa

Spice Gays
(Original track title "2 Become 1" as performed by Spice Girls)

Sa Wakas May Natagpuan

Bryan Bryan Musikahan and Bara Bara Starzan
(Original track title "I Finally Found Someone" as performed by Bryan
Adams and Barabara Streisand)

Bumabalik Na Sa Akin
Celine Din 'Yon
(Original track title "It's All Coming Back to Me" as performed by Celine Dione)

Miss Pakipot
Michael V

Pustahan Aysus Naku
(Original track title "Betcha By Golly Wow!" as performed by the
artist formerly known as The Prince)

Ako'y Mabubuhay

(Original track title "I Will Survive" as performed by Cake)

Kama Ni Rosana

Von Jon Bodgie
(Original track title "Bed Of Roses" as performed by Jon Bon Jovi)

May isa Na Namang Kumagat sa Alikabok

(Original track title "Another One Bites The Dust" as performed by Queen)

SinakTan Mo Ang Puso Ko
Michael V

His currently released Album "Michael V. The Bubble G. Anthology" is
that of his Bubble Gang parodied impersonations and original titles

Joy In My Heart
Hindi Ako Bakla
DJ Bumbay
'Wag Na 'Wag
Chaka N'ya
Di Na Maggigisa
Wag N'yo Kaming Pansinin
Isaw Nga
May B.O. Na Ako

Michael V. as Tam Yam, from his album Michael V. The Bubble G. Anthology

As of the present time (of this blog of 2007 of November), Michael V.
is an artist of GMA Network and has shows like Marimar (voice over of
Fulgoso, the dog), main stay host of Eat Bulaga , host of Bitoy's
Funniest Videos, and Comedian of Bubble Gang.

Bitoy as a Host in Bitoy's Funniest Videos

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