Monday, June 18

Sailing on a Sea of Dreams


I am CMAOTAKU with my first ever blog, the question is how will I begin with a good title and body for a blog? Hmm how about I entitle it cmaotaku's conquest, as I search for the meaning of "conquest" on online dictionaries I found that it refers to "conquering". I could use that but what will I conquer? Is it the world of entrepreneurship someday, the art and comics world (a life long frustration) or the online world... but then again it sounded a little ambitious to bear CONQUEST as a BLOG TITLE so my second is 999 QUEST of CMAOTAKU.... well that sounded like some oldies but goodies American movies that I saw in a commercial backin the rock age but never had the chance to watch one... but after 999 quest, what? or after 999 blog entries (possible!) then it will be over. So I finally decided to name it CMAOTAKU'S QUEST ... Quest for what that will soon be unveiled.

If you're reading my blog now and have reached this part you may have think what's up with the CMAOTAKU? Well it is a online name (Iwanted to say pen name but Iamusing a keyboard and amsurfing the net) or an alias I used and it started when I was around in my higschool days. I aminto drawing and anime that time, and slumbooks are "in" that time. So to make a difference or to be "in", I decided to make one. It is not all about my friends biography and about them it is more about the world around meand my views of the world. It can be called a diary and a journal but it is not for me alone, I bring it to school so that my classmates and friends can read it and answer some infos. This was, as I could remember can be called my LOG...PLOG that is (Physical Log Hahaha what a word).

I mentioned earlier that I am an anime enthusiast that is where I derived the word OTAKU in my CMAOTAKU alias and the CMA is my initials. So it is read as C... M... A... otaku = Me as an anime fan or me as a fan.

This is it for now... Will soon post more bout the world we live in andeverything .Hopeyou'll join me in this quest...

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  1. Ahoy kumusta ang iyong first blog! I hope things will go well here.