Thursday, June 21

Bitter-Sweet Experiences in a Net Shop Business


Me am back again with more slacking and procrastinating hehehe sorry for the long update of post.

I took my OJT (On the Job Training) at our Program Advisers Prestigious Internet Cafe (Hahaha small net cafe with 5 workstations - Mahy ghulay that is so many to manage!) Hahaha But kidding aside, it is a bitter sweet experience... Bitter when all the works pile up after the other, like what happened earlier (Assuming you're
reading this at noon or evening and the same date with this journal - Duh? I really do need to explain it hahaha) I was about to go at a small eatery near this shop, and in charge was my boss/professor's brother who did not function at all Hahaha Shhhhuussshh He might hear and see this. Function in a sense that instead of feeling up for my place like entertaining the printing jobs and the pc rentals, he slacks off playing DOTA (Warcraft 3 LAN game) with other student/renters... Geez... I ate after 1:30 when all the commotion settled down. I already bought a food and left it in the eatery, it is a good thing that they cover it up for me. Eventually, after I returned there, they replace my rice with a new hot one. Hurray for 2 cups of rice and a Bicol Express hahaha Plus that oh so sweet and Dewy Mountain Dew... Free Advertisement Nyahahaha.

(HEROES - cast - watch out for a seperate journal bout it )

I finally had a time to slack off when 5 pm started as no costumers entererd hehehe Currently I am waiting for Heroes episode 17 to finish downloading at the same time streaming episode 16 at VEOH ( Hah, Really Love this series, and with me and the net cafe nothing can stopme from doing the things I wanted to do. Nyahahahahaha (Evil Laugh) Hope I don't tire or surfing the net since it is one of my interests. Hehehehe...

Thanks for reading! If you did read this. Hahahaha.

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